Who is SOS?

Missoula Senior Options and Services (S.O.S) grew from several Missoula agencies’ desire to provide an easy flow of up to date information for seniors and caregivers.   These agencies include but are not limited to; home health providers, retirement and assisted living communities, skilled nursing communities, hospice providers, therapists, pharmacists, medical equipment suppliers, rightsizing assistance, help in moving, sale of home and purchase or move to new environment, transition management, negotiating home style choices as one ages, and other resource specialists. The goal of S.O.S is to provide the best possible solutions for every senior.  By working together collaboratively, members of S.O.S are happy to provide accurate and well rounded information about senior services that best fit individual’s needs and the needs of a growing community. 

Through the development of S.O.S a creation of networking and understanding of each business’s role and commitment to the Elder Care Industry began. 

Since 2005 S.O.S has grown to 26 agency members, and has helped hundreds of seniors to find the right options for the lifestyles they need and enjoy.